2018 Pageant

Pageant Information

Attire – Suites, Easter style dresses, formals and prom gowns are acceptable. No bare bosoms or slits above the knee, no visible tattoos or body piercings, no flip flops.

Date & Time – Thursday evening before Copley Heritage Day weekend festivities. Registration starts 6 pm, walk through at 6:30 pm and pageant starting right after.

Divisions –  All entering grade level for next fall school year are Kindergarten – 2nd grade: Lady & Knight; 3rd through – 5th grade: Duchess & Duke; 6th – 8th grade: Princess & Prince; 9th – 12th grade: Queen & King.

Entry fee – Entry fee of $10 cash, check or money order payable to: Copley Heritage Days, Inc.

Forms – Please make sure contestant and guardian read and verify all information, completely fill out and sign forms. You may email, mail or hand deliver forms and fee. Please bring all forms to pageant.

Judging – Contestants are scored based on appearance, public speaking, attitude/personality, goals, interests, and community service or other city representation. Contestants with highest scores will be crowned a division title becoming Copley Heritage Day Royalty Court. Score sheets will be mailed to contestants/guardians after event.

Location – Copley High School auditorium

Photogenic – Pictures may be presented for an additional $10 fee for this category. There will be a winner selected in each grade division: K – 2nd grade, 3rd – 5th grade, 6th – 8th grade, and 9th – 12th grade.

Public Speaking – all contestants will introduce themselves on stage. Queen and King Division will be asked a question during the pageant.

PrizesEvery contestant entering is encouraged to walk in the Copley Heritage Day Parade. They must wear blue and white; bring their own crowns and will receive parade details at pageant. The title winners: Lady, Sir Knight, Duchess, Duke, Princess, Prince, Queen and King may receive complimentary crowns, sash or trophy.

Public Service – All title winners and attendants will become Copley Heritage Day Royalty Court. As Royalty Court it is mandatory to volunteer at the Royalty Corner table during the Saturday Copley Heritage day event. There are future volunteer opportunities throughout the year that are available to participate in but not mandatory.

Residency – Contestants are from the Copley-Fairlawn residential area only.


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